Riot Act

Get Into It, Get Involved, Part I

(Re-posted from its original post here:¬†Entertainment Agent Blog) Three-and-a-half years ago, I happily joined the¬†nascent¬†Entertainment Agent Blog wanting to contribute in the field of¬†arts and entertainment. A former athlete who’d played guitar, took acting classes, improvisation classes, acted in plays and spoke in public, I tried poetry, took up photography to meet musicians… the list […]

Englishman Chris
Englishman Chris

Mr. Punchline, DC’s comic from across the pond, the self-proclaimed Stand up Standard – Englishman Chris is recognized first for his accent but remembered for his snap¬†witticisms, sharp and ribald punches, and if the opportunity strikes, harsh and hilarious dismissal of hecklers. Chris has been performing and hosting a plethora of rooms around the DMV […]