Below is a short-list of the collective of comedians, artists, and friends in general that put so much effort into making our shows and website happen. There’s more to be added, but we wanted to get this page started so here you go!

Elton Howard

Elton Howard

Elton Howard’s first words were “Pop That Thang,” an Isley Brothers song re...
Max Rosenblum-02

Max Rosenblum

Max Rosenblum surfaced in the Washington comedy scene after moving to the nation‚Ä...
Rich Bennett-01

Richard Bennett

Richard Bennett is DC comedy’s tallest performer, standing 5’19”. R...
Carolyn Busa -01

Carolyn Busa

Carolyn Busa‘s experience in stand-up comedy was fueled by her love of the cont...
Natalie McGill-02 (crop)

Natalie McGill

With a 5’3″ stature and a weight that precludes her from participating in...
Mariya Alexander – C1

Mariya Alexander

Mariya Alexander is the unique product of harsh Soviet-era Ukrainian persecution and...


  • Kerry says:

    Dear Lygo,
    hi. Are all of your venues WMTA Metro-rail accessible?
    Thank you.

    • LYGO DC says:


      Codmother & Desperados: U Street – African American Civil War Memorial/Cardozo (Green / Yellow)

      Shaw’s Tavern: Shaw-Howard U (Green / Yellow)

      The Old Dominion Brewhouse (upcoming): Mt Vernon Sq – 7th St-Convention Center (Green / Yellow)

      Bier Baron (upcoming): Dupont Circle (Red)

  • Dustin Lygo says:

    Hello, I was just googling my last name, and as there are not many of us in the world. I’m just wondering how you guys came up with the name LYGO, Its funny because my whole family are like comediennes.

    • LYGO DC says:

      Ha! Never occurred to us that that’d be a name. For us, it’s an acronym. We started as a brunch show: “Laugh Your Grits Off”. When we added evening shows, we just shortened to the acronym so we could maintain the connection with our beginning without confusing people.

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