FFON Bites-Sea World Doesn’t Prepare Employees to Enter the Real World

FFON Bites-Sea World Doesn’t Prepare Employees to Enter the Real World

It’s no secret that Sea World is going under soon. Because of the backlash received by the documentary ‘Blackfish’ the stock of the aquatic theme park is plummeting. Concerned employees have started looking elsewhere but there are some employees of Sea World are going to have a harder time looking for a job.

After spending over 2 decades in the tank I have no skills I can use for the real world,” says Tilikum, the most famous of the Killer Whales that have taken the role of Shamu, “All I’ve done is flips & tricks! That’s no good in the wild! No one in here taught me how to hunt! I will literally be a fish out of water, and I know I’m not a fish, but I’m trying to make a point here!

Tilikum is only one of the whales that will be released back into the wild when the attraction closes down

You know people don’t get the full extent of the damage Sea World has done you know!” continues Tilikum “Physical abuse aside, there’s a lot of social abuse too! Hell I’ve lost my culture thanks to this place! I can’t go and join a school of Whales in the wild when I don’t even understand the language!

In the wild Killer Whales are active familial creatures with a tight knit bond.

I don’t have friends out there! Really, I don’t have friends in this hell hole either!

Killer Whales are excellent strategic hunters in the wild.

Oh sure I would’ve loved to grow up as a hunter,” confesses Tilikum, “It’s one of the small reasons I started acting out, trying to let out my inner hunter. But now I can’t really hunt or anything out there. Maybe I could be like a hunt coordinator. Like teaching whales how to hunt with tricks and flips! I could also help with capture prevention just in case those kinds of people are still out there.

Tilikum does have a plan for what to do with the execs of Sea World!

Dinner and a show! They’re my dinner after the final show!