FFON Bites-Militarizing Against Red Dawn

FFON Bites-Militarizing Against Red Dawn

The evens in Ferguson MO has revealed the truth of how militarized our Police forces are in this county. But there are some that believe Ferguson is only the beginning.

The plan is to militarize all the Police forces all across America,” say Bo Dietl, former NYPD and Fox News contributor, “How else are we supposed to protect ourselves when the Terrorist and Communist threat rises in our country! Right now the cities that have Tanks, soldier…I mean cops, with M-16s are the safest cities in America right now! It’s Red Dawn people!

Dietl goes on to say the more immigrants we let into the country the more we need arm our local police forces and the only person to blame is Obama and his socialist view on the immigrant problem!

The cops in Ferguson should be given our respect and honored as solide…I mean police officers upholding the law and protecting their citizens!” continues Dietl.

When Dietl was asked about the National Guard and the actual Army, he said they were to be on the front lines of a threat we can’t see just yet, the local home front should be protected by “the boys…and sometimes girls…in blue”. There are those out there say this will create an Orwellian Nightmare in the world, but those people are never heard from again.