FFON-Defining Manhood

FFON-Defining Manhood

This is based on Fork Full of Noodles-49-Man Up & Be A Man.

Over the generations the definition of what is a man has changed. From the dawn of man to today what it is to be a man has changed. You were stoic and fearless. The role of the man in society was to conquer and protect those that he had conquered. The 3 things that made a man a man were defined by physical ability, sexual conquest and economic status. All of these things have changed dramatically over the last 50 years in how masculinity is perceived.

In the early of humanity, man was a hunter-gatherer, who would go up against the largest of beasts and take any woman he wanted. His definition was based in physical strength and sexual conquest to survive. They gave in to all their urges and vices. In today’s day and age, men don’t have hunt or gather or take women like conquest. In fact, there are more cross-gender friendships being built and maintained. That means, progressive men out there that are making friendships with girls to purposely friend zone themselves for the sake of masculinity. To come out to the world and look at gorgeous female and say “Hey, this is my friend and I don’t want to have sex with her! Because she’s more than just an object…She’s my friend, my very attractive friend” Not giving into all your urges and having control over yourself makes you the manliest man around.

As time passed, men were considered to be conquerors which would make Caesar and Napoleon the manliest of all men. That’s right by that definition a dude who wore half a dress and a tiny man were considered the most masculine. Both these men had major insecurities that led to take over the planet. Napoleon had is obvious vertical challenge, and Caesar just couldn’t figure out what toga to wear each day! Which means that the old definition of masculinity is a result of insecurity! Today, men don’t have to be so insecure because women are taking up the role conquerors just as much as men are! Since that song “I can do anything you can do” came out, women have been doing a lot things men have been doing. That song was what really started the women’s revolution. Since that time women are in the army, they play all the physical sports that men do.

In the days of Mad Men, being a man meant that you don’t feel, need, touch or want anything. You were a robot. A cool, suit wearin’, cigarette smoking, sexed up robot. Today, it’s become much more acceptable for a man to weep in public, interpret art and eat a salad or a quinoa. Being a robot is as antiquated as film ‘The Day the Earth Stood Still’ watched on an 8mm reel. Hell even robots in movies today are feeling more emotions that the old school man. Just look at the movie iRobot! That poor robot just wanted Will Smith to love him! Why, Will, Why?! Why couldn’t you just love that robot for what he was! A symbol for change and the singularity! In that era, men’s definition was through their economic success, which led to more sex, which led to more power and the circle goes on and on. Today, women are working a lot more and they do better in school There is actually a rise in the rate of men dropping out of High School and College! There are a lot more stay at home dads, which will more than likely start changing the types of films seen on Lifetime. Besides sexual Conquest isn’t just for men these days. Women are just as kinky as men are. They’ve got dildo parties, their own brand of pornos, beers and whiskey. They even have their own brand of catcalls for men.

Despite all these cultural changes in how we define men, there is still the stoicism and all the old ideologies of what a man is. But this kind of mentality is not only holding men back not only in the world of gender equality world but also in nature. There are men who complain about having to take care of their kids while their wives go out. But there are actually tribes of Gorillas that take care not only all the kids, but all of the females too! And they don’t complain about it, they grunt but that’s just a form communication.

So what is really to be a man in today’s world? According to Retired Lineman Joe Ehrrman, being a man is the ability to love and be loved. The definition of masculinity is changing to be strong but also a nurturer. Women have been doing that for millennia and it’s time for men to catch up and step to the plate. It’s time for us to take the “I can do anything you can do” and use it as an anthem for men to take on new roles in society and have our own revolution. This ain’t your papa’s world anymore.