FFON Bites-Protons have No Charge

FFON Bites-Protons have No Charge

Recently the world of physics has been flipped by 0.0000003%. According to new calculations the Speed of Light is actually 0.0000003% slower than what we know it to be, due to gravity and photons. Even physics whiz, Neil DeGrasse Tyson has said this true, which practically makes this a law.

With this new revelation, there is evidence coming from all over the world of other physics facts that being disproven. The first of these from Professor Odenheimer of Sweden, who is saying that Protons are no longer positively charged, but rather carry no charge at all.

It’s really quiet simple,” he explains, “The neutral neutrons bind to the protons at a sub-atomic level, negating their charge. Mix that in with gravity, the protons have no charge at all. This gravitational force between these particles put an opposite force on the electrons to keep them orbiting around core. It’s like the planets. I’m astounded we didn’t see this before. What a revelation!

No other physicists was able to comment on this.

But because things in physics are being disproved or changed, the Church & Creationists are questioning what else can be disproven.

If the Speed of Light isn’t what we think is it is, then I suppose we can rule out the theory of Evolution,” claims a devout Creationist. “Humans come from monkeys! How dumb do they we can be! They must think we are dumb as the cavemen that rode those dinosaurs back in old times! Such a farce!

No other religion has or wants to comments on this.