FFON-Concussion Prevention Methods

FFON-Concussion Prevention Methods

This is based on Fork Full of Noodles-48-The Hits Keep Coming.

Football is one of the concussive sports in the industry. There are several players that get head injuries that go unchecked for years. The easy solution is the game enacts some safety features to help the players prevent these head injuries and all injuries in general.

Pad the Field: The simplest fix is to change what the players on. Instead of playing on the hard dirty ground, they can play on a field of pillows, or even better yet, those gym mats from middle school!

Reshape the helmet: Woodpeckers have a thick mesh bone plate in protecting their brains. Their beaks are made of the same material. So in order to help protect players heads, we make helmets similar to a head of a woodpecker. Mesh plate helmets with a long beak in front of it. Sure there is a risk of eyes getting poked out, but that adds a bit more thrill to the sport. OR, that means that players will be more wary of hitting each other’s heads.

Armor: We can start getting the players to wear padded armor on the field. This may restrict their movements but that’s okay because this will be made up the by the ability to hit without restraints. If need be we can introduce horses to the game of football and have them trot across the field. Don’t worry we’ll give the horses armor too, and the players can have long sticks to make sure they only hit each other.

Or the easiest fix would be not ignore a head injury when it occurs and let a player recover when he hits by the force of a small train.