FFON-Recalled, but not Totally

FFON-Recalled, but not Totally

Based on Fork Full of Noodles with Krish Mohan-47-Unintentional Moving Parts.

In the recent weeks, General Motors has had a record number of recalls of their cars based on a faulty ignition switch. This is an issue that was known to them since 2003. The executives at GM has said that the reason this happened is because “Cars are complicated and glitches & defects will occur!” In lieu of these statements, here are few things that are just as complicated, if not more, as cars that have had less recalls.

Space Travel: This is way more complicated than cars, but NASA has had less recalls. Mostly because if there are parts that need recalled, it usually leads to explosions…wait, that’s basically the problem this GM recall.

Heart Surgeries & Transplants: These are some of the most complicated things out there, with the amount of tubes & veins & anesthesia. But since 2003, there have been way less hearts recalled on the market than GM cars. And when there has been a recall, aka Death, more than 1/5 of the people have received a consolation for their loss.

Films: Hollywood hates recalls, but they love remakes…And since 2003 there have been only a handful of remakes that should’ve been recalled and put way in the darkness of a vault.

Wars: America doesn’t recall wars.