FFON Bites-Jindal’s Education Conspiracy

FFON Bites-Jindal’s Education Conspiracy

They say keep your friends close and your enemies close and that’s exactly what Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal is doing. 2 years ago, Jindal praised and supported the charter school, the Common Core. But recently, he signed an executive order to cut funding for Common Core programs, particularly testing. Kids in the state of Louisiana are thrilled about this decision. Some claim it’s like learning without the pressure or stress.

Yo this Jindal is alright,” claims 5th Grader Johnny Maslow, “Finally someone out there is making politics cool. The only way this could be cooler is instating a Call of Duty Amendment in there somewhere.

Despite the displeasure from the Common Core and the pending lawsuit, Jindal explains that there a valid reasons he is doing what he did.

I’m really giving these teachers more freedom,” says Jindal, “Now they can teach these kids what they believe is important rather than what some curriculum says they have to and standardize our education system. That’s basically socialism right there. This way not everyone has the same information flooded into their brains. And the federal Fat Cats should be excited about this considering this is most likely to prevent an uprising since there’s a fragmentation of information! It’s like they haven’t learned anything from the Hunger Games! And I’m speaking about the books, because I’m pro-reading and education!