FFON-Sexy New Campaigns

FFON-Sexy New Campaigns

Based on Fork Full of Noodles-46-Sex in Advertising (again).

Sex in Advertising! Back in the days of the Mad Men, this was commonly used to sell products like shaving cream, tomatoes, cigarettes and more, using the era’s celebrities and sex symbols. Today, using sex in advertising is found as an outrage. Recently Jenny McCarthy was the spokesperson for the e-cigarette company, Blu. But the Senate was concerned that teens were being targeted with the use of this former playboy model. Realistically what teen knows Jenny McCarthy as a Playboy Model? In this generation, we don’t have a sex symbol. We just have anonymous hot men from the Aqua Di Gio commercials or the dough eyed girls from the American Apparel ads.

So in the spirit of this we have decided to create ads that use sex in advertising for causes that are important.

Alcohol. For the Shine of the Moon Brand Moonshine, we think it’s alright! You’ll buy it and it’ll get you drunk. What more do you want? Levitation? Then keep drinking friend!

Shine of the Moon Brand Moonshine

Immigration Reform. Who would want sexy models to come from Latin America, Denmark and other countries far and beyond! The thought of that must get Republicans hearts pumping harder. Among other things.

Pro Immigration Reform

Green Energy. Ladies love Green Energy. Enough said.