FFON-New Laws for Hobby Lobby

FFON-New Laws for Hobby Lobby

Based on Fork Full of Noodles with Krish Mohan-45-Protest! Protest! Protest!

Choices. These are hard to make. Some folks make a choice to spend an extra few dollars on a good cup of coffee while others drink the gas station sludge like peasants. Some will choose to drive their cars to work while others will sit on the bus for extra 20-30 minutes not know what it’s like to have the feel of an engine below your feet that you don’t get open up in rush hour traffic. Some people choose not to have a child they are not ready to have, while other choose to yell in their faces about science they don’t fully understand.

The Supreme Court recently made a choice that sided with businesses with a Religious background to deny their employees coverage of contraception. But if they are following the bible and want to exercise their beliefs from it, they should follow all the applicable rules, and not just cherry pick the few they like.

  • Duetorotmy says that you can’t wear tattered clothing. Well Hobby Lobby sells things in their stores that help you make your own tattered clothing. Better rid of those before you anger the gods above and the lord shows as a fake burning bush. Or you have the choice of not working at Hobby Lobby.
  • You’re also not allowed to mix fabrics and mediums. Better get rid of the other half of the store too Hobby Lobby, you’re mixing a lot mediums. Besides how are supposed to get a good scrapbook going if you don’t mix some stuff together. But then again it looks like that’s more employees and business for Michaels.
  • Kids who are unruly must be put to death. Which is counterproductive, because it’s usually parents with unruly kids are the ones who scrapbook the most, in order to forget their unruly kids. So if those kids are killed then there goes your target demographic. But this does explain all the cannibalism the bible has to offer.
  • Also according to the Bible, Eagles are an abomination along with a half dozen other birds. Sounds like the bible and it’s followers are pretty UnAmerican. Then again so are the ways Religious companies treat their employees so I supposed it all works out…?
  • Also the bible says you can’t say the name of God or use his name in or for anything. So this whole argument that God said “no contraception” is goes against one of the biggest things God has said, hence making this argument null and void.

The store is now closed.