FFON-Batman’s Loophole

FFON-Batman’s Loophole

This post is based on Fork Full of Noodles-Citizenship Crisis Part 4-The Loophole.

Batman was the backbone of Gotham City. He protected the citizens of the city, did the jobs that no one else wanted and he was like for a while. He even had a little sidekick that helped him. But eventually the sidekick grew up and found his own city that he needed to protect that had better benefits and cooler attire for the job. Batman was now the lone wolf fighting for Gotham once again.

But then all of a sudden, there a masked lunatic that went crazy and started shooting up banks, and blowing up buildings, and all the citizens of Gotham were freaked out. There was a lot prejudice about people in masks, including Batman. People kept saying ‘Should we have a non-citizen of Gotham protect us?’ and ‘Is this guy a citizen?’ There were riots everywhere between people that believed Batman was a citizen and if he wasn’t they should grant him citizenship and people that believed the opposite. There compromises being made that maybe just Batman can get citizenship and not all masked crusaders. Even to the point where the pro-Batman reformers were saying he can take a test on how much he knows about Gotham. But things started getting so bad that even people who were pro-Batman, Jim Gordon, were turning to the other side.

Eventually Batman was run out of town. He tried to fit into Central City and Metropolis, but it didn’t feel right. Besides they already had their own masked heroes and didn’t another one cramping their style. Finally there was hope in the skies. Batman snuck into Gotham and found himself a young lad that he could train and make him a sidekick. A young lad that had been in Gotham City all his life and knows it like the back of his hand, another Robin. A Robin that has his Gotham citizenship! So finally with the help of a loophole in the Gotham City constitution Batman came back with a new Robin to save the day yet again.