T.W.I.T. – 4th of July

T.W.I.T. – 4th of July

As America celebrated her independence on the 4th of July, comics showcased more dependence- on social media.

LYGO’s finest tweeted about fireworks, fun, barbeques, and inebriation, cuz ;Murrica’s birfday is today, baby.


Who wants to BARBECUE?!

*bald eagle snowboards*

*fireworks shaped like a cowboy hat*

*Garfield with sunglasses raps*

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Cheap beer and fireworks. 4th of July is like white trash Christmas.

-Sprinkle in a little domestic violence and racism too. Plus a trip to Walmart.

Here’s to all the Americans who think Sam Adams was one of the Founding Fathers

-A Founding Father so rich you could float a bottle cap on him.

Jul 4

USA! USA! USA! Is a good network!


July 4, 1776: Fuck you England!

July 5, 1776-present: Fuck you, every other country! #1

It’s a stretchy pants kinda July 4

-Unfortunately for me, every day is a stretchy pants kinda day. Also, anyone got the hookup on some formal stretchy pants? The spread at this funeral is delish.

Just like America trying up blow up the sky

guys check out this cool fireworks pic oops how’d my dick get in there?

-Looks like a dud.

I slept horribly last night. That’s what I get for being sober on the 4th of July. Never again.


a group of obnoxiously drunk white college girls is called an amber alert

-Roger that, looks like we got a Stacie Situation over here. Looks like they are coming from brunch and a wine tasting.  Over.


And my best:

July 4th: a great day for America, a horrible time for dogs.
See y’all next week!
Jon Yeager