FFON-Find A Sexier You

FFON-Find A Sexier You

Based on Fork Full of Noodles-43-Citizenship Crisis Part 3-Sex Appeal by Exclusion.

Sex appeal is very important in today’s world and has always been on the forefront of everyone’s mind. Nothing is better than being drenched in sex like you’re the star of a cologne commercial. But how does one get sexy and ensure to bag a mate? It’s actually very easy to be sexy in today’s day and age.

  1. No shirts- When you don’t wear a shirt you’re basically saying that you care what the weather because no matter what the weather, the world should marvel at your smooth body.
  2. Exclusivity- Saying no will make you more desirable and in turn sexier. People will come to believe that eventually you’ll have to say yes, but you just keep sayin’ no and up the sexy factor.
  3. Variety of Colors- Wear as many colors as you can. This is done so you call attention to yourself. And what’s sexier than attention? Not a goddam thing!
  4. Hats & Sunglasses- These are important because they cover your eyes, aka the window to the soul. This adds mystery and allure to your personality and continues to up that sexy factor.
  5. Ill fitting Clothes- The tighter shirts make you look bigger than you actually are, which is very hot. Conversely, wearing loose billowy clothes that you’re a free spirit and don’t really care much. What’s hotter than apathy? I don’t care.

Now get out there and get your sexy on and/or back.