FFON-This Post is Brought to You by…

FFON-This Post is Brought to You by…

This is based on the Live show of Fork Full of Noodles that performed at the Steel City Improv Theater in Pittsburgh PA as part of the Pittsburgh Fringe Festival. This is a 4 part episode series. Watch Fork Full of Noodles-42-Citizenship Crisis Part 2-Sponsored.

With the 2016 election just around the corner (by which I mean, not at all around the corner), there are some campaigns speak about the upcoming platforms and find their sponsors to support these platforms. These are some of the platforms and their new sponsors.

  1. The Bald Eagle Diet: There’s been some flip-flop on what exactly this plan is. Some say it’s a diet of pure red meat that makes you as strong as a Bald Eagle and represents the American way. Others say it’s eating exactly what a Bald Eagle eats to make you strong and also represents the American way. Both are sponsors by TGI Fridays, because Fridays are Bald Eagle’s favorite day of the week.
  2. A Television in Every Bedroom: With research saying that people that have Televisions in their bedrooms have more sex. This has to be result that primetime television being so terrible that married and committed couples are resorting sex to make up for it. This is part of the campaign to out-populate both India and China, this will get a television in the bedroom for every American. This is sponsored by literally every electronic company across the globe.
  3. Make more pills for kids, shaped like Cartoon characters: In order to get kids to take more prescription pills, there is a new campaign out there to make them shaped like GI Joes and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. This is to ensure that all the sweet prescription pills get a boost from the kids market by at least 30%.

So get out there and make something of yourself and get sponsored!