FFON-Citizenship Revoked

FFON-Citizenship Revoked

This is based on the Live show of Fork Full of Noodles that performed at the Steel City Improv Theater in Pittsburgh PA as part of the Pittsburgh Fringe Festival. This is a 4 part episode series. Watch Fork Full of Noodles-41-Citizenship Crisis Part 1-20 minutes.

Since the dawn of the Internet, when Al Gore wrote his first few lines of code and launched into an age of interconnectivity, there have been people who shouldn’t have their voices be heard on the interweb. Here are some of those voices:

  1. Any KKK Group or White Supremacy Organization: Not only are these sites racist, but they are the only ones run by Geocities and Angelfire. Their websites are similar to their racism; terrible, outdated and lacks pizazz.
  2. Fox News: They gave Sarah Palin a show. This was nowhere as good as the show she had on the Travel Channel where she beat a fish to death with an oar for half an episode.
  3. People that take Buzzfeed Quizzes: No one really gives a damn what Marvel Character you. The fact that you take these quizzes and tell people your results makes you Squirrel Girl every time.
  4. My old Gym Teacher: There shouldn’t be a blog about the journeys into a the mind of a gym teacher. That’s a sentence at best; Dodgeball, dodgeball and more dodgeball. We can mix in pinnies if necessary. And remember always peg the nerd first.
  5. The Vladimir Putin Fan website: OK, this is clearly operated by Putin and that’s just vain. No one should run their own fan site. It’s tacky and uncalled for. Hell even the Klan has it’s on Grand Web Wizard Master.