T.W.I.T. – LeBron has cramps

T.W.I.T. – LeBron has cramps

Lebron James painfully left Game 1 of the NBA Finals due to cramps, drawing the ire of the Twittersphere, and Rob Maher and Herbie Gill, our resident NBA fanatics. Here’s what they had to tweet and some other funny folks chiming in in this week’s installment of T.W.I.T. : This Week in Tweets (sponsored by Midol.)



So you let him get away with anything because he had cramps a couple days ago? LeBron is not your wife, NBA.


Larry Bird overcame being white to lead his team to three NBA Titles. Suck it up LBJ.

Michael Jordan once scored 112 points in a NBA Finals game without vision in either eye. Man up Lebron.

Uh oh…LeBron is hurt. I think I heard the medic say his hairline is broken.

Magic Johnson didn’t let AIDS stop him from winning an Olympic Gold Medal. Stop being a bitch Lebron.

And now on to the non-Lebron phenomenon:

The site to pay DC parking tickets should have a rewards program. I’d be eligible for at least a free toaster at this point.

-Double rewards points for work and school zones!

 ·  Jun 6

Sext: I want you so badly, I didn’t even stop to pet a dog on my way over

-You’ve got it….ruff. No doggie-styling? No time for tail, gotta get some tail? My parents hate me.


“Here’s my opinion on something that has nothing to do with me and has no impact on my life.” -white people

-So glad you finally said that. The struggle is surreal.

Gay bashing is wrong, but a gay bash is fun!!!

Guys, ‘s twitter is verified. That’s the best measure we have for authenticity.


“Wait, lemme take a selfie” – Mona Lisa

I’d like to date a Cleveland Browns fan, because she’d already have experience loving something that constantly disappoints her.

– I would only date a Redskins fan in the offseason, that’s when they look better.

if you are white and have a few aunts, one of them is named “Susan”

And, my contribution:

I write fan fiction.


I have a comedy fan.

– That’s “1” with a CAPITAL NUMBER, BABY!

We’ll do better next week.

Jon Yeager