Tweets from 140 Characters or Less – Berenstain Bears

Tweets from 140 Characters or Less – Berenstain Bears

Yes your childhood favorites The Berenstain Bears have their own Twitter feed. Now you can digitally keep up with your storybook friends: Papa Bear, Brother Bear, Sister Bear and of course, the always fashionable, Mama Bear:

berenstain bears

Because a white vest was the last thing that random human woman was wearing before she mauled her and stole her clothes.


Don’t be fooled though. I’m willing to bet at some point every member of this family gives into their primal instincts:

berenstain bears

Subtitle: Cause a Bitch was Hungry


But then that’s where religion comes in–to quietly guilt you for having any primal urges in the first place. And I guess it’s been way too long since I’ve read this series because I totally forgot it had a lot of religious undertones:

berenstain bears

Um which one is supposed to be Judas? Because at least three of them look like they’re about to start some shit.

And in case you were unconvinced of those undertones, the bears showed us the real reason for the holiday season:

berenstain bears

Jesus Lives indeed. You show me someone willing to nail a grown bear to a cross.


Alright everyone. Let’s all debate the pros and cons of a Bear Jesus

Pro: All water can become honey at any moment.

Con: A bear that can walk on water.

That better be some damn good honey.