T.W.I.T. – Donald Sterling Banned

T.W.I.T. – Donald Sterling Banned

Donald Sterling was banned for life from the NBA. Comedians from all across the globe* responded.


*DMV area


When Paula Deen and Donald Sterling do their cooking special, take note that no pots or kettles are in the kitchen.

-With sous-chef George Zimmerman!

Five years ago banning someone for life from watching the Clippers was a reward.

What’s the exchange rate of bitcoins to g-units?

-50 Cents? I mean, Cash Rules Everything Around Me.

walk up in the club wearing an amulet of protection like what

-That’s one way to get your +1 in there.

straight up killin’ the mumbling under my breath game

My mom just found out she has very high levels of testosterone and I just punched her in the face while I was shaving my beard sooooo….

-However, the circus has to keep going.

The new season of Fear Factor should have a segment where they go to the middle of a Farmers Market & light a cigarette

-But what about old school pipes? And fedoras?

Bang up job

Everyone last


Ght at the White House Correspondents Dinner.

A real highlight was the

Zany jokes.

I enjoyed it.

-Nothing to



Is your break from social media even real if you don’t make a melodramatic announcement about it on social media?

-Let me see what friends say on Twitter.


Someone should make a game called Angry Nerds where nerds get launched into piles of comic book movie posters.

And, my best:

People into S&M in a relationship are usually whipped.

See y’all next week.

Jon Yeager