Tweets from 140 Characters or Less – Scrubbing Bubbles

Tweets from 140 Characters or Less – Scrubbing Bubbles

Say hello to Scrubby, Mindy, Poppy and Sudsy—a family from the famous Scrubbing Bubbles. Effervescent both physically and emotionally, they’re kind of borderline depressing when you realize they are way more well adjusted than your own human family. The parents (Scrubby & Mindy) even go to parties together and help each other pick out clothes:


Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 6.48.02 PM

I want to meet the woman on Etsy who is making ugly Christmas sweaters for toilet brushes.

It’s no surprise that the majority of their tweets are about the joy they get from being clean. Except a few of them have hints of murderous undertones:

scrubbing bubbles

All of a sudden I don’t trust you around razors OR my roommate.

Although I guess as long as you’re cleaning other people’s bathrooms too to pull in rent money then go apeshit—then clean that up too because monkey shit is a whole other ballgame.

And here’s another reason to feel shitty about your own family: The child, Sudsy, is a way more studious kid than yours:


scrubbing bubbles

That Port-a-Potty exam is fucking brutal.


But I guess since the Scrubbing Bubbles kept up with the theme of having a 50s era-esque happy well adjusted family, they figured why not subscribe to 50s era gender equity too—specifically the lack of it:


scrubbing bubbles

Are your plans to set women back worldwide by a few decades? Because if so mission accomplished.