T.W.I.T. – 4/20, Easter, and, also, 4/20

T.W.I.T. – 4/20, Easter, and, also, 4/20

Ah, two holidays collided, with Easter falling on 4/20 this Sunday. All Easter candy was eaten and naps were taken. Some for 3 days.


Here is This Week in Tweets from LYGO alums:


Happy Easter and absolutely nothing else today. (My mom is reading this guys, be cool)

-Yeah, we’re just eating “pizza.” Just 1/8th of a “pizza.”

It took Jesus 3 days to rise – which if you’re celebrating 4/20…you totally get.

-Risen or lifted? Either way, it’s a religious experience.

Remember, Jesus died so you could go to brunch.

-I have a Virgin Bloody Mary, so I’m kinda religious.

Happy Führer Twenty! #420

-Hope it’s a SSpecial one!


The greatest trick Crossfit ever pulled was convincing the world going to the gym made you interesting.

-The Kaiser Sose of fitness.

Just booked a wedding for August. Getting paid to make someone else’s special day all about me is a dream that I didn’t know I had.


Follow your dreams, even if they go to Germany or Florida.

-Follow your nightmares, kids!


Always tempted to yell “Kevin!” mid-flight

-In everyday life, I just make the aftershave face and sound until creditors hang up.


Getting “chewed out” and being “eaten out” are two very different propositions.

-This seems like lip service, Nate.


A new study shows that men who become dads in their early-to-mid-twenties are at risk for severe depression. The study was called “DUH!”


And my best:


Put a Peep inside your vegetarian friend’s Cadbury Creme egg and watch the magic happen.


Jon Yeager