FFON-Costner’s Environment

FFON-Costner’s Environment

The environment! Something us humans have taken for granted for years. The world has gone through hundreds of climate changes over it’s long history. From being a ball of molten lava, to a raging and unforgiving ocean, to a ice ball, and now angry ball of rock spinning throughout our galaxy. Over the past decade us humans have caused a lot of abrupt changes to the climate that we will now be paying for.

The cause of crazier and colder Arctic temperatures could lead to more extremes in weather. Like a hotter and more pollinated spring, and even more potent oils from poison ivy. The human race would literally be destroyed by trees, proving M. Night Shayamlan’s awful film, the Happening correct. Possibly even leading to a sequel of that movie.

The coastal cities will start flooding and soon this dystopian world will turn into Waterworld and will suck just as much as that movie! Eventually this will cause Kevin Costner to reign supreme!

Inland cities will start flooding and we would lose electricity, business and homes wiped out. This will cause droughts and heat waves and in the last decade we’ve lost 2% of crops. We will end up going to back to days of bartering for food. Humans will become nomads roaming from city to city. It’ll be like the Walking Dead without the dead. So just walking….

Warmer oceans has caused a new strain of herpes and killed a oysters. Imagine a world where Herpes is a deadly disease instead of a mild irritant found in the depths of Las Vegas. Now it can be found in the depths of the Atlantic.

Because of drastic climate change, Arabica beans that make that cup of jo you love so much will go extinct! Then what will we drink! Tea? Did the Boston Tea Party mean nothing! [Coffee is what makes the world go around! People that drink are just weird dainty folk that would let this world fall apart. In the coming dystopia, we can’t have those tea drinkers around.]

With electricity gone, there will be no wifi, facebook, email and communication will go down. The only way we can communication is via snail mail or carrier pigeons, very similar to film Postman starring Kevin Costner. Once again causing him to reign Supreme!

Sadly, to save the environment, it seems that we must take a page from the book of Costner and realize that finding a massive piece of land like Mt. Everest, and using it to revitalize plants and the earth maybe the only way to save the planet and hence the human race.

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