FFON-Business, God & Health Insurance

FFON-Business, God & Health Insurance

People enjoy hobbies like crafting because it gives them the ability to use raw materials to create something completely new. But sometimes people want to combine raw materials without the chance of creating anything new whatsoever. Get it?! Get it?! Like a man’s raw material and lady’s raw material? You get it.

The owners of the craft franchise Hobby Lobby are trying to avoid paying for birth control and contraception for their employees, claiming that it conflicts with the company’s religious beliefs. Their business plan includes, “Honoring the Lord in all we do by operating the company in a manner consistent with biblical principles.” Because, of course, the bible is all about preserving life, if you factor out global floods, fiery destruction of cities, mass genocide, and Judgement Day. Hobby Lobby is just one of several corporations engaged the Bible vs. Business debate, where instead of answering to stockholders, they’re answering to God.

But the question remains: What does God have to do with Business and Personal contraceptive choices?

And the Answer: Nothing. Not a Goddam thing.

Besides if you really read the Bible, you’ll see that the Catholic god would probably give their employee Health Insurance despite any contraceptive additions.

Now, Hobby Lobby has a few options. They either offer the Health Insurance or pay $2000 per employee in fines. With 600 stores in the franchise, that’s a lot of fabric. Reports have indicated that the CEO of Hobby Lobby, prayed to his God and after deliberation he is ready to offer his employees health insurance. He’s been quoted to say “There you savages! Now I’ll also burn in the sweet depths of hell!

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