T.W.I.T. – RIP Mickey Rooney and John Pinette

T.W.I.T. – RIP Mickey Rooney and John Pinette

The entertainment world lost Mickey Rooney and the comedy world lost John Pinette. Rest in Peace.


m. dickson@awkpaupro

John Pinette & Mickey Rooney. The world’s a lot less funny today. #rip

-Heaven just gained an eyebrow and an appetite, however.


Ok, they both would have wanted us to keep going, like visits to a buffet, or an angry old man rant about the difficulties of fax machines.

In a week that featured such pop culture phenomenons like Wrestlemania and Game of Thrones, here are your Tweets from LYGO DC’s finest :


Valerie Paschall@vivalaphoenix 5m

Sorry guys, but you STILL can’t collect on your mob debt in the Megabus bathroom. I know you’re all disappointed.

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Mariya Alexander@MariyaAlexander

Drop me between the car seats then find me a week later and shamefully eat me like one of your French fries

-A box to go? Tater Twats? Clappy Meal? Taco Supreme? I’m at a loss here because I know more about fast food than I do sex.


Aparna Nancherla@aparnapkin 

i like letting guys down gently after i hang them

-The key in every break-up is the execution.


Elahe Izadi@ElaheIzadi

Currently getting an explanation of Game of Thrones that is lasting as long as this episode.


Andy Kline@AndyKline74

I know a great abortion clinic with the same name. Different spelling, though


Drew Landry@DrewTheComedian

had a dream that Jonah Hill mugged me. Either it’s just another weird dream, or God is warning me that 22 Jump Street will be disappointing

-This is the lowest level of premonition. A proverbial softball in the psychic world.


Adam Friedland@AdamFriedland

it offends me when people say george w bush is equal to hitler. hitler was a shitty painter BEFORE he became a war criminal.

-Kudos Adam Friedland, I think you’re now on a watchlist.


Dixon Sider@willhessler

Just found out my spirit animal needs to be euthanized. #fml 🙁

-My spirit animal just dragged its ass across my carpet.


Nate Johnson@NateGotBetter

My standard for dropping a “Like” on Facebook has become “I read this and didn’t hate it.”


Rob Maher@RobMaher 

“It’s about the journey not the destination.” – Me to my girlfriend after failing to give her an orgasm.


Danny Charnley@DanKCharnley

walk up in the club with affordable healthcare like what


Brandon Fisher@BrandOnBrandOut

Meet a girl in a gym & stop working out – she gets mad. Meet a girl in a bar & don’t stop drinking – she gets mad. What do you women want?



And my best:

jon yeager@toosoon_huh

I wear a condom when I am #turntup , regardless if I am with a lover or not. It’s our responsibility to practice safe swag.

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Jon Yeager