FFON-Chinese Democracy

China is declaring war…on pollution! Currently 3 major cities in China have so much smog in them that they are unlivable. You can literally cut the tension built up by that smog with a knife, and then spread on some toast, eat the toast and then die.  Inspired by Regan’s War on Drugs, Premier Li is telling pollution “You have not business here! Now take your upper respiratory diseases and get the hell out!”  But according to protestors, Li isn’t really doing a whole lot. Things in China are way crazier than they are in the States. In fact when Environmental activists put up fliers on how to reduce pollution and clean up the environment in China, they are followed by police and spied on and sometimes even imprisoned. Pro-Marijuana protestors on the other shut down parks with a picket line with groovy phrases, smoke outs and the cops here try to do is harsh their buzz with stern words and padded police cars. The environmental issues in China are so bad that dead pigs from farms are being thrown in the Yangtze River. Meanwhile issues in this country include cardboard not being recycled, and water not being run through a filter!

Li is upping his game to say that he will dedicate about $300 billion into environmental issues and updating their environmental protection laws.

I feel like that money can be used in a better way. Perhaps like building a giant tower with a bunch fans that blow away the smog. Perhaps even using their own natural resources like using the garbage they already have and burn it…or use coal scrubbers they already have and clean their coal factories. Perhaps we can also use a different color bins for recyclable materials. No one is doing that! These are types of things that make a leader. Perhaps I should be the premier of China.

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