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The Bier Baron

The Bier Baron

Bier Baron Flyer DC Comedy Shows Web ImageAhhhhh, the Bier Baron Showroom, home of LYGO DC! We didn’t discover the Bier Baron until late summer 2013, but fell in love as soon as we set foot in the 2nd floor showroom.

It’s styled like a dive bar, without the inconvenient dinginess that accompany most dive bars. It’s got history, a great stage, a large bar and knowledgeable bartenders, thousands of beers… it’s a comedy club under a different name with food and beer that we dare say eclipse anything you’ve experienced in a comedy club before.

Founded under the name The Brickskellar, the original owner would tour the country with a tuck, picking up otherwise unobtainable local brews and bringing them back to DC. Slightly illegal, Congressmen loved being able to get their hometown brew and helped establish an upper-crust clientele looking to escape the otherwise uptight restaurants and bars proliferating the city.

The Bier Baron didn’t change much except the name (and proudly importing beers legally, hehe) and the establishments following continues as some of the city’s finest citizens and visitors looking for a laid-back atmosphere… and a good laugh!

And that’s what LYGO DC is all about, so it’s a perfect marriage. Sometimes, you want fancy. Sometimes, you just want a good drink, a laugh, and a few good friends to share them with. At the Bier Baron, you can find upwards of 150 friends joining in as we hope to continue putting on shows and calling The Bier Baron our home for many years to come.