FFON-Michigan’s War on Women

FFON-Michigan’s War on Women

Michigan has been through a lot in recent years. The fall of the auto industry. Motown leaving and becoming jazz revival. Tourism to Canada, and not even the like the good part of Canada. Robocop. Women have also been through a lot in the last few years. There’s a rise in the Bro population. The rise in gangs and serial killers. A bunch of abortion clinics being closed in the largest of states. Robocop. So why compare the Michigan and Women? Because finally no matter what happens to Michigan, it won’t top what Michigan is doing to women! Michigan officially stated that women need to carry insurance on the “off chance” they get raped. Basically saying that because they are women, they are bound to get raped and health insurance won’t cover an abortion for them.

This is another example of how rich old white dudes are voicing their opinions in something they have not business in voicing. First it was marijuana reform, then immigration reform and now women reform. This is forcing women to take arms in war against women! Carrying pepper spray, swords, and Robocop DVDs. But there is no real equivalent exchange on this bill. There is bill controlling the boners that men get. If there was that would be in Florida, the wang state of America. Besides let’s face it, if something that crazy is going to happen, it’s going to come out of Florida; they have a history for it.

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