Comedian Health: Making Healthy Beer Choices

Comedian Health: Making Healthy Beer Choices

A comedian’s journey involves night after night of working out material at open mics, usually at crappy bars with a lot of beer and greasy food. If a comedian doesn’t watch him/herself, the calories can add up leaving you fat and pasty. You’ll end up looking like, well, most comedians.

Consuming too much alcohol before a gig is usually not good for most comedians either. Here’s a graph I made based on carefully collected anecdotal data that shows how comedic performance varies with number of beers consumed (click to enlarge):

Beer Performance

To help my comedy (and non-comedy) peeps I went out and found some comprehensive data on beer , and developed a snazzy interactive visualization to help you make informed beer choices, based on calories and alcohol percentage (per 12 oz).

The boring, static version is below. Click Here for Totally Cool Interactive Version

Beer viz

Stay healthy my friends!