Tweets From 140 Characters or Less – Quik Bunny

Tweets From 140 Characters or Less – Quik Bunny

The Quik Bunny has a heavy Twitter presence. When he’s not peddling fortified chocolate milk, he’s engaging you, the Twitter user, by asking important questions such as this:


If you said chocolate Quik, sorry, you’re incorrect. It’s your stool after a bottomless brunch. 


The blood sugar raising bunny also engaged Twitter followers in hashtag games:


How about “Stop Looking At Me Like That…Day.” Also can we do a whole month and not just a day? #CuzHesCreepinMeOut

The Quik Bunny is a big proponent of fitness, specifically consuming his chocolately product after vigorous exercise.


For those of you who actually want your farts to power your windsprints.


As a former high school track and field athlete I can tell you that I’ve seen enough teammates puke on the side of a track after drinking water and Gatorade to know that this is the WORST idea for a recovery drink. This is like running a marathon and stuffing a Hershey bar into your mouth at the finish line.**

But while we’re speaking of his love for things of the cocoa persuasion, the Quik Bunny still found a moment to express his gratitude to a civil rights leader who made it possible for him to peacefully coexist with Ovaltine, Swiss Miss and Hershey’s Chocolate syrup:

quik rabbit  - mlk day

You took the words right out of my mouth, @julestw9


** = Are there marathons that end with someone stuffing a Hershey’s bar in your mouth? If so please tweet me at