FFON-Cousin Marriage vs. Gay Marriage

FFON-Cousin Marriage vs. Gay Marriage

Gay marriage continues to be an issue that is causing heat all over the country. With 5 states plus DC legalizing it, plus a hoard of other countries around the world, it seems silly to hate on this topic. But if the recent Grammy’s have proved anything it’s that people love to hate.


@bergen_banwart says: The whole gay wedding thing just murdered the grammy’s #notcool

No, the Grammys murdered the Grammys. It realized how shitty it was and offed itself.  What we watch now is just the ghost of a long dead institution and a reminder us how far we fallen as a society. You, my friend, are an example of that.

There maybe a loophole in this issue and it comes from the 19 states that allow you to legally marry your cousin. That’s almost 4 times the amount of states that have gay marriage legalized, allow you to marry a member of your own family. 2 largest supporters of this bill are Vermont and Massachusetts. This should come as no shock really since they are New England states and in Old England, they married their cousins to preserve their blood lines.

Christians and Catholics don’t have a problem with this since incest is an underlying theme in the bible. What catholic doesn’t have an attractive cousin they’d like to have 8-12 kids with. Like the bible says “It doesn’t count if its with your shirt on, bro!” I’m paraphrasing, it’s from Leviticus 69:12…you know the deleted scenes of the bible.

So all the homosexual community has to do is find an attractive cousin, convince them they are gay (using what the ultra conservative call the Homo-Voodoo That They Doo), and marry them. So if your confused about this, Same gramma, A-Ok, Brother from another Mother, get the hell out!

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