Tweets From 140 Characters or Less – Tony the Tiger

Tweets From 140 Characters or Less – Tony the Tiger

Tony the Tiger is relatively new to the Twitter game but he wasted no time in letting his followers know how big of a sports fan he is, from the action on the floor to the prep beforehand:

Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 10.48.34 AM

After police find the mauled body of the Zamboni driver in the away team’s locker room, a DUI will be the least of his worries, @TheRealSWBGrump.

Tony took that sports enthusiasm with him when he got to travel to Sochi for the 2014 Winter Olympic games, where he’s currently tweeting about ski jump and flirting with Kristi Yamaguchi:


This sounded vaguely racist until I remembered she’s Japanese and a Kellogg’s spokeswoman.

Once finding out he was en route, Tony could hardly contain his excitement. He documented every step along the way and proved that we really need to vet the people we hire for the Department of State who issue these:

Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 10.50.12 AM

I’m also 85 percent convinced @HotEnchilada thinks this is a real passport.

Besides Tony the Tiger is like the Harrison Ford of cartoon characters: He looks really good for his age. Or maybe he is lying about his age because grown ass tiger men shouldn’t be taking selfies (on a side note: WTF is up with cereal mascots taking selfies?)

tony tiger selfie

The first and second times were ruined when Sochi animal control lost their shit over “the biggest stray to date.”