FFON-The Newest Sitcom: Immigration Reform

Immigration is on the tips of everyone’s tongues these days. The Senate has been dancing around the issue like an awkward middle schooler for months on end now. Their indecision has come to will they won’t they sitcom style troupe that’s yielding no results.

First up are the Politicians. Both the Dems and the Reps have their own agendas and don’t look good in this situation here. They are more in it to get votes rather than just gain amnesty for hardworking immigrants. Similar to Kramer in Seinfeld with his crazy business schemes, he never really cared that it was affecting the people around like, mostly Jerry.

The big issue of the ICE Raids seems like it’s free for all at your local ice cream shop or a very aggressive defensive play but it couldn’t be further from the that. It’s actually the Immigration & Customs Reform that target potential illegal immigrants and force their way in causing tons of property damage, aka a Redneck’s Wet Dream. This is like Family Mattes, when Urkel would come into Winslow’s house and tear it apart, but he means well; it’s similar to that, but with way more crying children.

Privatized Prisons have been boosted because of this issue over the years. These are for profit prisons that have double their profit over the amount illegals that have been put there for no reason. These prisons don’t care about why you’re in there or even the conditions of their prisons. It’s the show Scrubs, if the hospital was run by an army of Dr. Kelsos and one insurance agent.

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