FFON-Legend of the Evolution Kids

Recently it has come to the attention of this world about 2/3 of American’s don’t believe in evolution. This officially makes the folks that believe in evolution a minority in this country. It won’t be long till school children are ridiculed for having a Darwin fish on their backpacks and wanting to do experiments to prove their scientific theories. Bio classes will turn into sermons in the middle of the day! Where they will now preach that one day God will them wings like angels and they too will be able to soar like the eagle. These ‘Evo’ kids will have hide away and get together in group and their symbol will be a DVD of the first Jurassic Park film! They’ll keep themselves hidden till they grow stronger and bigger and one day rise up from the depths and take over as a race of super humans and build a society where only strongest survive! Is that the kind of world we want our children to live in! Dear Darwin won’t someone please think about the children!

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