FFON-Tacky New Year’s Resoution

The New Year is finally come and gone, but that doesn’t stop people from the same things they do ever year. Making resolutions is always tacky. People make lists of things they are going to get done, like clean the basement, finally throw out that old TV that no one has used, burn down that office that let you go; aka the usual. But this all goes to the wayside. No matter how positive it is, those resolutions always disappear within a week and your back to your habit of showing up late to work, thinking about cheating on your taxes and eating that extra donut; aka the real usual.

Even the idea of celebrate the New Year’s is tacky. The year is always filled with terrible attire. A sparkly tight little dress with a plastic hat and goofy glasses some how hamfist the year into lenses? That doesn’t say class, it says I may have let a Blind Man who doesn’t understand braille pick this outfit. I would say something about the men, but they push the plastic hats and the lame glasses.

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