“Wake & Bacon” Crushes Competition for Worst Themed Brunch of 2013

“Wake & Bacon” Crushes Competition for Worst Themed Brunch of 2013

In August, the popular blog, Bitches Who Brunch, came out to LYGO DC’s Wake & Bacon show to soak up the laughs in the presence of funny local comedians. While the Bitches weren’t too smitten with the food, they offered a positive review of the comedy show, giving an ‘A’ grade to the performers.

In their recent “Best & Worst Brunches of 2013,” however, they ranked the Wake & Bacon show “The Worst Themed Brunch” saying:

“Cori Sue had a less-than-stellar brunch at Shaw’s Tavern, and then Social Bitch Amanda Jean returned later for a comedy brunch hosted by LYGO DC. The stand-up comedy was hilarious, but the bad food was anything but.”

Thank you, Bitches! Our cockles have warmed knowing we were the BEST Worst Themed Brunch of 2013. Excited, we did some digging to find the competition we steamrolled for this honor:

  • Alcoholics Anonymous Brunch: Okay, um, isn’t brunch supposed to be about the mimosas and the Bloody Marys? This one just turned into a smattering of “Hi, my name is Michael, and I’m an alcoholic” followed by “Hi, Michael.” Boring! Please pass the champagne. These alcoholics are causing me to lose my buzz.
  • Government Shutdown Brunch: Originally called “Shutdown Brunch” then changed to “Obamacare Brunch” then switched to “Debt Ceiling Brunch” before it was “Fiscal Cliff Brunch.” It took 3 weeks to finally agree on the name.
  • Getting Your Panties in a Brunch: Alternatively worded a “Stripper Brunch” this is different than the burlesque brunches in the city with which it may draw some comparison. This one had a salty taste to it, probably from the titty sweat dripping down from the girls onto your eggs. Pass the pepper! It’s over seasoned.
  • Ham with Hitler: The idea here is an overarching “No Jews” policy. Not sure they’d even want to come. Like, even if they didn’t keep Kosher and wanted the ham, there’s that whole “Hitler” thing.
  • Bottomless Mimosas and Cannibals: Anyone want French Toast? No, like really, toast made out of an actual French person. Mimosas were made from their tears – but they do get you wasted.

Yeah, there were a lot of options to choose from, but we were the best worst there was. See you soon, mimosas and Bloody Marys in hand, at the Wake & Bacon brunch comedy show at Shaw’s Tavern on Saturdays at 2:00 p.m. It’s the best worst themed time you’ll have in DC.