FFON-Marijuana Warijunana

With 58% of Americans supporting the legalization of Marijuana, it’s safe to say the War on Pot is over. This fact is overwhelming the remaining living members of the Nixon Administration who are clenching their checkbooks in fear that they will have to pay back the Public for the millions they spent on a war that didn’t really exist. Because of this fake war and folks that believed ‘Refer Madness’ should’ve won the Academy Award, there wasn’t research done to find the positive effects of Marijuana.

In the UK, Dr. Lui has actually done research to prove that injecting cancer patients with marijuana decrease the growth and controls the spread of the disease, thus curing cancer. Most of the opposition says, “Can we really trust an Asian from the UK?” Yes. Most because of the 18 Ph.Ds he holds and his very bright lab coat.

Smoking the cannabis has proved to make you more creative, get through Netflix, maybe even understand what happened in Lost. Along with of course all the medical research, Marijuana should be legalized. It’s sure to help the economy and pull us out of this debt. With all these facts, it’s safe to say that 58% of the war is now over.