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Facebuzzed Vol. 45 – Labatt Blue

Facebuzzed Vol. 45 – Labatt Blue

This week on Facebuzzed we visit Labatt Blue, a Canadian imported beer whose mascot, like many profiled boozes before, is a bear:

labatt - movember

He’s personally changing the face of men’s health…by mauling any man he sees and stabbing him with an afro pick.

But the Labatt Blue bear knows more than just his way around grooming his matted fur. He also knows the tricks of the traveling vagabond:

bears opposable - labatt

I think you mean “fortunately.”

He doesn’t need thumbs. If he has thumbs that means he can grip things—like my neck. And he’ll swing me around until he hears something snap. Also I just saw him use an afro pick so doesn’t that mean he has thumbs anyway? We’re all fucked.

But let’s just assume for the moment that he has zero thumbs. At least this means he can’t carjack anyone. Although I guess if he were going to hijack anything it would be this:

labatt blue - checkpoint

Good luck making it past a DUI checkpoint in this. Nevermind the fact you’re a bear who drives.