White Dudes and Asian Women – Fact or Fiction?

White Dudes and Asian Women – Fact or Fiction?

Among other mindless things I did over Thanksgiving, I watched the latest Wolverine movie .wolverine is loved by white dudes and all women

This one’s about how Wolverine goes to Japan to work out some of his demons. While he’s at it he single-handedly kills a bunch of Yakuza, sleeps with the amazingly beautiful Mariko Yashida, and at the end of the movie, takes leave of Mariko with the other hot, ass-kicking Japanese x-woman in the movie, Yokio.

I was struck by how just about every [marginally ok looking] Asian male cast member in the movie was sliced, diced, and scewered by a well-cut white guy, while two amazingly beautiful Asian women fawned over him throughout the movie. Kind of reminded me of high school. And college.

I know the story comes from the original Marvel comic, but still, is Hollywood really this antiquated with respect to white male dominance over Asian folks? And are they seriously playing out the Asian women-are-into-White dudes stereotype?

AYI Then I can across this interesting analysis the dating website Are You Interested? (AYI) did with their user data. AYI, if you’re not familiar, is an app where you say Yes/No to a picture of someone. If you say yes, they have the option to respond to you.
What they got ended up all over the news :

  • Asian women respond most to White men. Latino women respond most to White men. White women respond most to White men.
  • Yup – White men are coveted by women of all races and ethnicities, as we all kind of suspected. Except Black women – they respond most to Black men (you go girls!)
  • Unfortunately (especially for Black women) all men, except Asian men, respond most to Asian women.
  • And Asian men? They respond most to Latino Women. Based on the Wolverine movie, I wonder if this is because Latino women are just nicer to Asian guys.

You can find a snazzy infographic of their findings here.

But to me there’s so much more to this.
I was disappointed they didn’t break the race/ethnicities out further. As an Indian guy, my online dating experiences were much more nuanced:

  • The highest percentage of contacts I received were from brown women of all backgrounds but who consistently listed themselves as “a few extra pounds”.
  • I also received several contacts from very nice women with poor English.  They actually turned out to be Nigerian guys trying to scam me.
  • I also received the most inquiries ever when I tried changing my height from 5’5’’ to 6’2’’.

I’m looking forward to more analyses from AYI ….I’m hoping there’s a happier ending to this story.