FFON-The Revival of Immigration Reform

The immigration reform bill is finally back from the dead, as the American Public is pro for this bill! But despite the public’s support of this bill with a Path to Citizenship, the GOP is still on the opposition, due to a severe lack of enthusiasm. Not only are the Republicans conveniently waiting till primary season to make their decisions but they are still obsessing over repealing Obamacare. The only people at this point that should be against Obamacare is the elderly, because you have to get on “the internet” get it.

And the level of diversity in the Republican Party has officially reached a whole new level of monochromatism. John Beohner looks like he’s part of the Aryan Nation. Eric Cantor says his favorite band is John Mayer. Virginia Foxx’s name sounds like she has ties to East India Trading Company. Clearly Doc Hastings is named after an Old Prospector. John McCain keeps doing a Ronald Regan impersonation! Dick Cheney…Uh…I’m actually not going to say anything about Dick Cheney. I’m afraid that he’s watching me right now.

Since the Federal government can’t make up their mind on what to do about this bill, the states have actually taken a stance on what they should be doing about the Immigration Reform issue. Alabama & Arizona have revoked their harsh profiling laws and California is giving Driver’s Licenses to undocumented immigrants. But this is causing a bit of a rift on the state level. All the states are competing to who’s doing what for the immigrant community. Arizona claims California is gone Hollywood Liberal for giving licenses to undocumented immigrants. Alabama would like to remind Arizona that they were ones that started this racism thing in the first place and would like credit where credit is due. Texas would like to tell Alabama that they have the most amount of Mexican Restaurants per square mile in the U.S. Florida would like to tell Texas that their Latinos had to cross a shark infested ocean, up hill both ways to make it into their state. Now what does Capitol Hill have to say… … …It’s just awkward silence.

America isn’t worst but we are heading down that path. Sure we aren’t putting a billboard on a Van and driving it around the country telling Immigrants to go home. But you know who is? ENGLAND! England actually spent money on a mobile ad campaign to get rid of their immigrants. No do we want to be like those soccer lovin, Fish ‘n Chips eatin, tiara wearin’, chipped toothed bastards or do we want to make our Fore Fathers proud by giving immigrants a path to citizenship! I say, let’s open up the path to citizenship!