T.W.I.T. – JFK and Obamacare

T.W.I.T. – JFK and Obamacare

This week’s tweets coincide with the 50 year anniversary of JFK’s demise. Conspiracy? THE WHOLE OBAMACARE WEBSITE WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A MAGIC BULLET TOO. #OliverStone


Travis Irvine@TheTravisIrvine

FACT: After being shot, JFK was taken to Parkland Memorial Hospital, but was denied treatment due to Obamacare #JFK#JFK50#JFK50Years


Dana Bell@danacbell

yo how many times has a stick insect gotten real drunk and fucked a twig on accident that’s what i want to know

– A Laying Mantis?


Rob Maher@RobMaher 

I’m at an Indian restaurant in DC about to perform at a show called the Soul of Comedy. Where else would a white comic be tonight?

-In a Benetton ad?


Danny Charnley@DanKCharnley 

i was in the park,sketching a battle between a dragon & a huge wolf,when a skateboard punk yolo teen purposely passed gas on me & i threw up

-The knockout game, but with gas?


David Tveite@killtveite

Check out my track on the new compilation album “NOW That’s What I Call Barely-Restrained Desperation: Volume 37”

-Track 1. Miley Cyrus. Track 2. L.L.Bean rap songs Track 3. David Tveite Track 4. Rob Ford’s P.R. Team


Drew Landry@DrewTheComedian 

If I’m with a girl and I fart, I blame the dog. If there’s no dog in the room, I blame Obama.

-Biden does the same thing.


Randolph Terrance@realtalkforyou 

The last place you wanna hear Arms of an Angel is a Chinese takeout joint #MysteryMeats

-When they tell you that the ASPCA commercial was filmed on site, at least you know the meat is fresh.



It’s easier to murder someone in Baltimore than it is to take an unpaid book into a Barnes and Nobles bathroom in Bethesda

-Put that book down. You look suspicious.


Dylan Meyer@Your_Boy_Dylan 

How did girls text before emojis? Hey I can’t wait to see you tonight! PARTY HAT MARTINI GLASS NOISEMAKER BEER MUG CAT DOG SUNGLASSES POOP


Michael J. Foody@MichaelJFoody 22 Nov

Hard to believe that it was just 11 years ago today that Juwanna Mann was released on Comcast OnDemand.