ObamaCare Gone Wrong

ObamaCare Gone Wrong

Obamacare LogoWho said Obamacare doesn’t work? David Eckert, 54 was more than likely overdue for his annual medical checkup, so a few officers of the Deming city police department in New Mexico thought it would be nice to escort him to the hospital. He got a free checkup that included three enemas, an X-ray, and a colonoscopy.

What nice officers you think… nah. Mr. Eckert was nervous when he was pulled over after a routine traffic stop. This prompted calling in the K-9 unit; aka the drug-sniffing dog. The dog apparently keyed-in on the driver’s seat of the car when Mr. Eckert farted, so the exam was underway.

I didn’t realize cocaine gave people gas. Is that what a coke toot is? A coke poot? I guess cocaine farts can only be found by drug dogs. Or a true crackhead, aka the Mayor of Toronto.

This poor bastard had no idea how deep the police were willing to literally go up his ass for a little bit of drugs just to make the point that they were right. Wrong! “ The lawsuit states that David Eckert, 54, spent more than 12 hours in custody last January at a police station and local hospital after being pulled over for a traffic violation. Yet he was never charged, nor did authorities find illicit substances on him.

Oops! It’s not like this guy was under suspicion for drug trafficking or he was some drug mule. He was a user; an addict (drugs to include: caffeine, sugar, nicotine, and sex) and like most you reading and or writing this, functional I’m sure.

What if the guys running illegal alcohol during prohibition could have hidden bottles of whiskey up their ass? The small shot bottles that’s on the airplane of course. “Man this booze taste like shit!” “Shut up!” “It gets you drunk don’t it?” “Sorry I spilled a lil in secret hiding place.” “Why you walking funny?” “I’m drunk off my ass, for real!!”

Lesson learned for both parties; #1 drug dogs are not always right, #2 truly free health care will be a pain in the ass for the short term.#3 For anyone needing a free colonoscopy should sprinkle a lil cocaine on the driver’s seat and drive through the city of Deming, New Mexico, where the affordable care actually works.