Facebuzzed Vol. 43 – Old Milwaukee Beer

Facebuzzed Vol. 43 – Old Milwaukee Beer

This week on Facebuzzed we visit Old Milwaukee Beer, which is diversifying its assets by getting into the adjustable furniture game:

old milwaukee

What’s sadder is it’s sturdier than my IKEA desk. It’s not going to break if no one drinks what’s inside.

Most of the Old Milwaukee Facebook page was a series of winning endorsements for the light beer of Midwestern America:

old milwaukee - have a bunch

That’s a great endorsement, Old Milwaukee. You might as well say “It’s a great beer…if you’re going to force feed so many down your gullet that you can’t tell if you’re drinking beer or water anymore.”

old milwaukee beer

Unless you’re playing this game, in which case I am recruiting you for optimal team performance.


The next one walks a fine line between alcoholism and magic:


old milwaukee - rooftop

Being on a stranger’s roof with an empty six-pack means you blacked out and probably have cirrhosis. On a stranger’s roof with a full six-pack? You’re a genie! (Or just a really prepared drunk).

old milwaukee

You ain’t never had a friend like him, but he’ll dock you wishes unless you switch to Miller products.

But it was the simplest endorsement of them all that was the saddest:

old milwaukee beer

Is your fridge broken or do you need a hug? It can be both.