A Letter to Redskins Owner Dan Snyder

A Letter to Redskins Owner Dan Snyder

I’m sure this letter wasn’t written by Mr. Snyder, but it makes a lot of sense, if we still lived in 1955. It’s time to let go of the past. The name Redskins is offensive! I’m black and I find it offensive. There is no way in 2013 that an entire race of people should be a pro team’s mascot. (Mascot: a person or thing that is supposed to bring good luck or that is used to symbolize a particular event or organization) That sounds like a lucky Rabbit’s foot. No disrespect to any rabbits that may read this.

Mascots are animals: Lions, Bears, Tiger, Dolphins, Rams, Falcons, and Redskins. Huh!?!? The Native Americans (American Indian) is getting it the worst. I’m black and what was done to the American Indians makes me think that slavery wasn’t that bad. Oh, it was bad, but goddamn, the Native Americans (American Indian) got it the worst; they were nearly exterminated. Well, at least they have casinos and they police themselves on the reservations. That’s good right? Not! I’m still waiting for my 40 acres and a mule. Today that 40 acres and a mule probably would be 100 acres and a 2014 BMW 750Li fully loaded with the sports package sittin’ 22’s staggered (car guy); inflation.

If some of our southern forefathers could’ve had their way, the Washington Redskins could have possibly been the Washington Niggers or the Washington Niggas. And yes, the white fans still couldn’t say it. It’s the Washington N-words to you. During a game, the guys calling the game; black guy: “These Niggas are real fast out the back field. White guy: “those “N-words are pretty fast Tyrone.” Thank god the North won.

What chaps my ass the most is that the Redskins were the last team in the league to have a black player; now that’s real for your ass! I could never see being a fan for a team whose history shows the unwillingness to change. Sometimes change can be good. Maybe the Redskins should take a cue from the Wizards. They were once the known as the Bullets look at how well change worked for them. No, wait, maybe that wasn’t a good example, but you know what I’m trying to say.

The Washington football team reminds me of a stubborn old man that resists change because he’s just stuck in his ways… because he’s old. The fear of change would cause  grandpa not to get new pants because the old ones are comfortable even though they are full of holes. Everybody would be asking me, “why your granddaddy’s balls hanging out?” Well he’s old and doesn’t care who offends with his old droopy balls. New pants for grandpa and a new name for Washington’s NFL team.

Elton E. Howard jr