Half Pint Huckster – My Halloween Costume

While I figure out whether or not there’ll be a theme for this blog, let me tell you about my Halloween and Halloween costume.

Halloween is among my favorite celebrations because it’s one of the few where you get to be creative.  Costumes also provoke conversations with strangers you might not talk to otherwise.

One Halloween several years ago, I dressed up as Purple Rain era Prince, went to a costume dance party, and was immediately pounced on by four 45+ y.o. women  on the dance floor. Must have been the purple spandex pants I was wearing.  Just between you and me…they were actually women’s spandex work out pants. They created the best effect, they were very comfortable, and they fit my body alarmingly well…  I was fully committed to becoming Prince and stopped just short of wearing women’s underwear.

The four women were totally flirting, dancing and clamoring for some QT with me. At one point one draped her arms over my shoulders as we slow danced and whispered “I once danced with the real Prince and you’re a good 1.5 inches taller than him!”. I thought man, this is the best night ever!

This year I put together probably the scariest costume ever.

Here’s a picture of me and some people I scared the shit out of on Halloween night:


As I get older, I suppose my costumes are turning more curmudgeonly, like me. For Pete’s sake, I voted for you, even contributed $$ to the DNC. Get your shit together people!

This costume won out over my other idea, which was to dress up as Ted Cruz. Dressing up as a clown just wasn’t as appealing.