Halloween In Reverie

This past week was the great celebration of Halloween, which always over-shadows my birthday. As I get older though, I feel like we are losing the spirit of Halloween. And no, I’m not talking about the Spirit Halloween stores that stay open only for the season. I’m talking about the lack of fear and intimidation and the stuff nightmares are made of; that’s what the holiday stands for.

Each year, I see more and more scantily clad outfits that are fit for the holiday. Tops and Bottoms that are at least 2 sizes too small for both guys and girls, all in the name of Sex Appeal and to show off those “pythons” they’ve spent all year working out. Costumes that leave nothing to the imagination and lack the fear that should be caused by a Zombie Pirate or Zombie Vampire or Zombie Don Draper. There is a good chance that women would still try and sleep with the Zombie Don Draper.

The costumes women wear are so small that they are actually setting the women’s rights movement back a few decades. Look, I know back then they burned all their bras, but there was reason for it. It was symbolic to set themselves free of being housewives and kept down, not to show their Double D’s as Sex Captain America, trying to save the day! Any nerd will tell you those Double D’s are going to be in the way of crime fighting!

We are loosing the American way of the Halloween. The holiday used to stand for getting candy, the innocence of children and taking that innocence away by dressing up as a werewolf and scaring the crap out of them. If we as a nation don’t get together and bring fear back into Halloween, we’ll all let Tim Burton and the creator of Saw down, and we can’t afford those guys not making movies like that!