T.W.I.T. – Aparna on Conan, no more shutdown

T.W.I.T. – Aparna on Conan, no more shutdown

This week, we were totally stoked to see LYGODC Alum and all around awesome person Aparna Nancherla on CONAN. Yep. That happened. Oh, and also that shutdown thing ended. Coincidence?

Aparna gets two tweets this week in the top ten, because in the bylaws it says if you do a national tv show, you get one bonus tweet. This also applies if someone cleans my car, does my laundry, or gets me on a national tv show.


Aparna Nancherla@aparnapkin 

“Were you in a good mood? Let me help you with that.” -Internet comments


Aparna Nancherla@aparnapkin 

Is that a cookie in your pocket or THERE IS NO OR GIMME THAT COOKIE

-Cookie Monster doesn’t seem to be doing well with the lower Lithium dosage….



I don’t take many pictures because I have low “Selfie-Esteem”. #Boom#IllBeHereAllNight



Excuse me, wheres the cute girl that was just here? yes, its urgent. I only have 15 mins until the self confidence from my good set runs out

-Confidence? A good set? What’s that like?


Natalie Patricia@nataliesurely 

The Dunkin’ Donuts guy who put in my coffee order by saying “she wants it large, hot and black” is clearly making the most of his job.

-America Puns on Dunkin’ (TM)


David Tveite@killtveite 

My Halloween costume this year is “Man without dignity.”

-I’ll send you my headshots.


Mike James@mikejames13 

Just once I’d like to hear a rapper be honest and admit he’s like the numba 8 or 9 stunna.

-MC Humblebrag layin’ it down.


David Carter@_DavidCarter_ 

JOHN BOEHNER – THE BEST COMEDIAN EVER! Tells an awful 16 day long joke & gets a standing O in the House when done. #TheAristocrats #shutdown

-When a tanning salon closed its doors, Boehner realized this was hitting home.


Danny Charnley@DanKCharnley 

here’s a little tip:


i’m sorry, i’m just not that into you.


there we go

-Crouching comedian, hidden joke format


Mariya Alexander@MariyaAlexander

Don’t try to stick a square peg in a round hole unless the hole is feeling adventurous and tells you it’s okay just this one time.

-Mariya, meet Danny. Danny, meet Mariya.


Tyler Richardson@DCsWorst 

Watching a dude get declined @McDonalds is the saddest part of my day.

-She’s not lovin’ it.


And my snarky offering of the week:

jon yeager@toosoon_huh 

“I’m sorry, Miss Jackson, I am for real”-Maury Povich reiterating the DNA test results to an incredulous guest whose last name is Jackson.

We’ll do better next week, folks.

Jon Yeager