T.W.I.T. – Trucker Protest

T.W.I.T. – Trucker Protest

These were the best tweets we could come up with while the brilliant speed limit trucker protest was upon us.


Dana Bell@danacbell

wow you might say this whole Beltway protest is full of some real Truck Nutz™

-Most didn’t have the balls.


not NOT Jason Saenz@jasonsaenz

Redskins are losing more ground than the original Native Americans. #SNF

-Cowboys are really blanketing them on defense.


Michael Larrick@MichaelLarrick 

One of the sexiest things a girl can say right before you hook up is “seriously, don’t tell anyone about this.”

– You know her too?


Danny Charnley@DanKCharnley

I want to buy a Hummer, but my penis isn’t small enough.

-I always say, “the higher the wheels, the lower the testosterone.”


Sara Armour@SaraArmour

Wore fuck me boots tonight. Didn’t wear socks, so fuck, me.

-What about fuck me flip-flops? You could wear three thongs at once!


Rich Bennett@HowTallAreYou 

Hash browns. And in a few days, so does every other vegetable.

-Many will wilt away at the laughs this pun produce-s.


Mariya Alexander@MariyaAlexander

It feels like my heart is holding in a sneeze.

-Love is always stifled or shows on your sleeve.


Jared Logan@JaredLogan 

If you sing the Nickelback song Hero (from the Spider-Man soundtrack) loudly as you exit the airport, people get out of your way

-Or any Nickelback song.


Pete Bladel@PeteBladel

Shout out to Christopher Columbus and his amazing discovery, gentrification.

-His dream is still alive, like MLK’s, but with more Starbucks and forced evictions.


Elahe Izadi@ElaheIzadi 

From talking politics in NYC to telling jokes in DC– I seem to have it backwards today.

-Next stop, banking in Detroit!


And my best:

jon yeager@toosoon_huh 

Who needs the truckers to clog up traffic on 495 when you have the elderly and rain?


See you all next week!

Jon Yeager