I Can’t Believe Tide Printed That (bADs, Week 1)

I Can’t Believe Tide Printed That (bADs, Week 1)

Hello without the hell! I’m Frank Manning, a copywriter at Prym and Propper, a faith-based ad agency in DC. The office joke is that we have “Proven Advertising Method(ists).” It’s just a joke. We have members of all religions here, even Jewish people.

I’m not an uptight man (or even downtight) but in the quest to get attention, some agencies will make an ad that “Frankly speaking”  is beyond the bounds of good taste. What I call a bAD.

I’m not trying to write the Dead Sea Scrolls here, so let’s get to this week’s worst offenders:

That can’t be why airplane windows are so small, can it? Even in today’s society, who would be so cruel to shove a crying baby out of a window, without a parachute? Bad taste, Boeing. If I knew what planes you made, I would boycott them.

I found this next one printed in an English-language newspaper in Beijing.

tide ad in japanese

The Tiananmen Square massacre was a  tragedy, but do the Chinese people need to be forced to remember this painful incident? Until someone invents a time machine and can change the past, what is the point? Tiananmen Square is like slavery: a horrible part in a nation’s history that we don’t need to talk about.

This one was published after Romney’s 2008 campaign, but it’s so illogical it has stuck with me.

When was Romney supposed to pull out? Before he was formally defeated by McCain? Winners never quit. They keep pounding away at a problem until a solution comes out.

Well, unless the Apocalypse happens and the advertising community is swept over by a sea of brimstone or good taste, see you next week!

Guest written by Frank Manning. Frank Manning’s alter ego, Jason Walther, is a comedian based in Washington D.C.