The Good Old Days: CDs

The Good Old Days: CDs

I know I know, number one, I am not that old at all. Number two, readers will be like, ‘WTF I had cassettes and records.’ But honestly, the days of CDs are gone and within the next 5-10 years they will be dead and I will personally miss them.

I believe this is different than before because of the progress they made in technology compared to loosing a tangible item. People in general fall in love with that one or two songs from an artist now that everything is digital and people select one song. The record labels know that and try to produce these bands and musicians as one hit wonders instead of producing great albums.

I mean, I loved the process of not buying chocolate milk for two weeks, begging my dad to drive me to the record store, purchasing a brand new album from my favorite band or a new band I liked, tearing off that plastic shit, trying to get that mother fucking security sticker off by scratching… This requires multiple steps until you just say ‘fuck it’ and just break the seal since you got 75 percent of it off.

Finally, you’re putting the damn CD in a player and enjoying all 12 songs on the album. Anyway, I still am probably part of the minority of Americans who still buys CDs and has a player in their car. However, I enjoy listing to a full album. I get debated over the fact that it is much easier to download the one hit from that new artist rather than buying an album. I also get the debate that you can still buy the whole album on iTunes. I get both of those arguments and to put it simple, how many times have you opted out of buying the whole CD for 10 bucks and spent 99 cents on a song. Before the digital age, you had to buy all 12 songs for that 10 or 15 bucks. Bands wanted to produce a good CD, but now they want to produce a hit song. People ask me why do they still make full length albums? Simple, the CDs market is on a steep downfall and artist are statistically making shorter albums and soon ans album is going to be 3 songs which you can hear all 3 on the radio.

Comparing this to the comedy scene, it’s like buying a Louie CK bit instead of his whole special. Just a bit, a 2 min bit. Not having the prior setup or the joke that follows. It might be that I am a bigger fan of music than most people, but the enjoyment of hearing every song on the album from the ‘pissed off’ ones to the ‘I am sorry I fucked another girl’ songs is like no other feeling. I would feel terrible if I did not watch all of Louie’s set but only watched the bits I wanted to.