T.W.I.T. – Throwback Thursdays

T.W.I.T. – Throwback Thursdays

This week, the crack team at LYGO tackles issues like superheroes, Throwback Thursdays, Pac-Man, and the Little League World Series. Yes, we need Ritalin.


Michael J. Foody@MichaelJFoody

The question you have to ask yourself is “Why am I NOT ending this text message with a smily face”?

-However, the winky face is a blurry line.


DAY-vid TWY-tee@killtveite

I would relate to heroes in movies a lot more if they ever took five minutes to figure out how to unlock a sliding door.

-Batman: “Where did I park?”


Boxcar Adult@NonProfitComic

I’m waiting for the right time to eat this sandwich. Like a ninja waits in the shadows.

-Sneak attack for the snack.


Dana Bell@danacbell

How am I supposed to remember which pictures I took on Thursdays?

-I’m not even going to explain memes to you.



Little League World Series is boring, they should have #HungerGames rules. #KidsKillingKids#LosersDie

-May the at-bats be forever in your favor.


Aparna Nancherla@aparnapkin

So I’ve heard what you all had to say & one thing is clear: I am a bad listener

– I’m sorry, what?


Natalie Patricia@nataliesurely

“be sure to eat your fruits so you can devour your enemies” – Pac-Man’s mom

-And ghosts have very few calories.


David Carter@_DavidCarter

Jogging outside is the physical equivalent of wearing a fedora. I know you’re doing it so other people see you doing it.

– I like jogging, I just get embarrassed when the ambulance follows so closely.



Girl on Street: “Where are you from? Australia?” Me: “No, England.” Her: “I thought so.” Me: “….”

-Sometimes, the trick is not to say what you think, so when what you say is incorrect, you can feel good about your first thought. And, make Americans even dumber in the world’s view.


Natalie M.@littlenightowl

will the acne ever stop #SadGoogleSearches

-You’ve got to stay Proactiv.


And, the best I’ve got:

jon yeager@toosoon_huh 17h

An app that shoots side by side pictures: Twinstagram


See y’all next week!